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Why I think what I think

How important is to question what we think in our life. Let's just consider the following, why do we believe what we believe? Is it because someone told us? Is it because we heard it somewhere? Or is it simply because it has been like that?

As human beings we're shaped by thoughts that reveal deeper beliefs and not questioning them leads us to think that only what we think is correct and that everything that differs, even in the slightest bit, is incorrect or "bad". These are the famous good and bad, correct or incorrect, black and white; when life is made up of many shades of gray.

Just because I think so does not mean that it should be so. Just because they taught me that way doesn't mean it's the only way to do it. The most curious thing is that we see it on a daily basis...for example, I was thought that the scrambled egg is cooked and stirred directly in the pan, my husband was taught that it's stirred first in a deep plate and it's placed scrambled in the pan. Which is the right way? Well neither and both, because the result is always a scrambled egg. And just like this we can think of thousands and thousands more... taking deeper forms, our political ideologies, philosophies of life, values, religious beliefs, spirituality, health habits, and everything that comes to mind.

Many people are afraid of questioning themselves because they have built their identity on these truths and suddenly realizing that things aren't like they think so can bring an identity crisis among other problems. However, not questioning ourselves is highly dangerous, as we become intolerant, rigid, and judgy.

Today I invite you to question why you think what you think, from the most basic to the most complex things...if the answer is anything but "because I decide to" it's probably time to question those beliefs, not necessarily with the desire to change them, but to give them an authentic value.

I close with a slightly more complex example. I believe that there's life after death, I believe in eternal life... not because my parents or the church taught me so... but because I choose to believe it. But who knows, maybe I reincarnate into a plant (since I like them so much) or maybe we just cease to exist and are sucked into a black hole, or maybe, I'm already dead and this is part of an alternate reality.


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