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Heroes of the seven-tine, heroes of my life...

One of my greatest blessings are my parents. The people who know them can tell you they're out of this world; so different yet so alike.

My mom is very outgoing, I remember when I was little, I used to ask myself how she knew so many people and how she could easily talk to strangers. My dad, on the other side, is a serious and a quiet man; he opens up to those who are closest to him. My mom is the most loving person on earth, she’s always there for those who need her and for those who don’t; always willing to give even more than what’s within her means. My dad is the smartest person I know, he has a supernatural analytical capacity and an incredible memory.

Both are unpretentious, humble, and passionate for what they love, and they think people’s worth is in who they are and not in what they have. This is one of the many things they taught us, but hey that’s for another day.

Another thing they share is that they are strong. I have very few memories of them crying; I think I can count them with one hand. They’ve always tried to show they’re okay. See what I told you? So different, yet so alike... and people that know me can tell you that I’m a mix of both of them... and not only physically.

This time of confinement has made me miss them so much ... I constantly think about them and pray for their health, especially since they are both doctors and are directly exposed to COVID-19 infection. I have always admired the work my parents do; I have witnessed their efforts (sometimes superhuman), their frustrations, and above all, their dedication to helping their patients, and this health crisis is no exception.

I remember talking to them when all of this started, they were worried because not only do we lack a health system that can cope with a pandemic, but this situation puts their lives and that of my brother and sister at risk. Who I saw especially worried was my dad. Yes, as you read, my dad was afraid and still is. On the other hand, my mom seems stronger than ever. She has already gone to the hospital on her days off to support her team and ensure that their patients are taking cared of, however, I know that inside she worries, a lot. There they are, both scared, but sure of what they do... after all, remember I told you they're strong?

Today I want them both to know that although I'm exactly seven kilometers away, according to Google Maps, I am with them in my heart and that no, they don’t have to be strong, nobody has to be during this pandemic. None of us had any way of knowing that this was going to happen; it has caught us completely off guard and it’s normal if we feel worried or anxious, especially my parents who have a high probability of getting infected from the moment they enter their jobs and who are exhausted and injured by the biosecurity equipment which they must wear for more than twelve hours.

I know that at college we are taught that we can't treat family members, but know that if you need it, I am available to help you as best I can as a psychologist and that, regardless of that, I’m always here to be with you and hug you (for the times virtually), like your daughter. I love you with all my heart and you’re heroes of the community and of this seven-tine, but more than that you’re heroes of my life. A "thank you ma" and a "thank you pa" falls short for everything you do. I hope that when the time comes to be parents with Daniel, we can be even half of what you are


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1 Comment

Jun 03, 2020

Sofi, gracias por compartir todo ese amor hacia tus papas y describirlos a cada uno con el corazon!! Ellos son nuestros heroes en la familia!! Siempre pendientes de cada uno de nosotros!! Infinitamente agradecidos con nuestro Señor por la bendición de tenerlos!!❤️

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