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Does it flow or not?

Someone asked me, how do you know when something flows or not? When it's time to let go? And we talked about how there's a very thin line between flowing and not trying hard enough for something to flow. Actually I think it's a very complicated question and we have to be extremely in tune with ourselves to be able to identify what's flowing and what isn't.

This week I was thinking about the concrete plans we had with Daniel for this 2020. I'm not lying to you, we had a whole armed structure, with deadlines, commitments, responsibilities… all thrown away now by the pandemic.

Maybe you've seen an image that says if plan A doesn't work, don't worry because there are 25 more letters. Thank God we had a plan B and now we are focusing on that one…but nothing guarantees that it won't fall back; after all, there's so much that doesn't depend on us.

What I want to get to with this is that you can shoot all your effort into something, even anticipate and foresee what could set back a goal or objective from being achieved, but if I have learned something, it's that there's a high percentage of other aspects that are out of our control and sometimes they turn out to be in our favor, it flows...other times not so much, it doesn't flow.

So when it's better to let go? You will know. I faithfully believe that our heart speaks to us through intuition, but we have to take breaks from the daily hustle to connect and listen to it. Personally, I like to give my all in everything. Those who know me can attest to this and it has led me to hurt myself many times, but I have the peace of mind that I've given everything and that if it didn't flow, then it'll be for a reason but not for my lack of effort.

Anything that you have to force may not be for you and this applies to couples, friends, jobs, projects...and it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with it, it's simply that it's not for you, it will be for someone else.

And well, going back to the plans, it gives me hope to know that this plan B has flowed more (so far) than the previous there's nothing left but to strive, wait and trust.


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