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Not everything will be okay

These last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming. I've had moments in which, of so many things I have to do, I forget to breathe and find myself. Guilt has also flooded me because having so much work makes me feel quite tired and I keep listening how others are always saying: “you don't have to complain”, “work in these times is a blessing”, “you have to pull through." And yes, it's true, I agree with that, but by generalizing in this way, we overlook the realities of others and their priorities, diminishing how they feel.

I believe that to some extent, we have all felt misunderstood during this pandemic. It's said that "We're all in the same boat" or the famous "Everything's going to be okay" that besieges San Pedro Sula. How much falsehood and condescension are behind these phrases. Yes, we're living the same situation, but each one from a different reality, full of very particular opportunities and threats

Many people constantly feel sad and worried and wonder why they feel that way, after all they have a job, they have a home, they don't lack food, no member of their family is sick, their friends are fine...then there are "no reasons" to feel that way. By invalidating our feelings, we come to fight against them, aggravating how we feel.

To a greater or lesser extent, we ALL have lost something during this time, from the most obvious losses such as jobs or family members, to more indirect but equally shocking losses such as our freedom, our security, physical contact with others. …among others...the list goes on...and to top it off we don't know how long we'll continue like this...

So yes, today I want to share with you that I have felt overwhelmed, tired, fatigued... not only from so much COVID-19 and the situation in our country, but from so much work and responsibilities. And I'm not complaining, I'm simply acknowledging it, knowing that by doing so I can understand it and do something about it.

Next time someone wants to share their situation with us, let's really try to listen more and judge less. We'll find that everyone has battles and that just because they're not like ours doesn't mean that they're not valid, for just as it's difficult for us to deal with them, so is for them.


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